Friday, September 01, 2006

Insert Super Bubble joke here

Hope this makes up for the lack of posts of late.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sandy Eggo Part 1

Well, knowing Rudy he'd tell me to drop the depressing bullshit (though he’d be touched by the sentiment) and get to the good stuff. So then…Let’s talk Nerd Prom.
The view from the Embassy room 626
Our adventure begins around 11:30 Monday night as my dad and I went to pick up Clarence. Since dad’s still not driving, Clarence would drive mom’s car back with dad navigating while mom slept so she’d be fresh for work Tuesday. We made our way towards Lambert Field so I could make my 7:30am flight. There was some muttering about why I picked such an early flight, but in light of what would happen later Tuesday, I made the right call. Having been up since 4-ish Monday morning, I was amazed I was still going by the time we hit St Louis around 2:30am. Dad and Clarence got me unloaded and I settled in with ESSENTIAL GODZILLA while I waited for American Airlines’ check in to open up at 4. All was well as my bags came in well under the weight limit. Luck stayed with me as they opened the security line a few minutes early and I was able to head to my gate. Started to doze off a few times as I worked Sudoku puzzles but no biggie. It was drifting off during the stewardess’ safety instructions that was a little awkward. Got to sleep off and on during the Chicago to San Diego portion of the flight and no complaints about the snoring so, so far so good.

Found Diana (aka Mecha) as I hit baggage claim and we waited for Hector (creator of LULLABY from Alias) to get in from Mexico. Turns out his fight had landed but was taking a while to get to the gate. We managed to check into the Embassy Suites without any problems, picked up the booth banner and headed over to the convention center to check things out before getting lunch at Seaport Village’s Greek place. From there it was Office Depot to make portfolio copies and pick up an extra table for the booth. Copies turned out great but they were sold out of tables. (Welcome to Comic-Con week.) After that, we just took it easy until about 9:30 when we went over to Redfield’s for supper and to meet up with Tony Lee. What I was unaware of was Tony was still at JFK because failure of both an FAA air traffic system on the West Coast and it’s back up had grounded a number of flights, including Tony’s.
Preview Night line
Wednesday morning, called Tony’s hotel and learned of the flight issues. Rather than try to catch the Padres game as originally planed I joined Hector and Diana as we went to Little Italy and the Dick Blick store. Wound up buying some stuff myself as it’s been awhile since I’ve hit an art supply store. Stopped at Filippi’s to breathe in the aroma as we went back to catch the trolley. Ran stuff over to the booth for Preview Night and literally ran into Tony as I was heading back to the hotel. Tony filled me in on the short version of his travel issues as he went to get his pro badge. On the way back to the con center with Hector and Diana, I stopped at the free happy hour and grabbed a margarita and with a hearty “You look like a man who needs a drink,” handed it to Tony as he was waiting in line. Only one book sold on preview night (Bride of Freakshow) but an amazing turnout of people. Afterwards, we tried to find a place for dinner that would allow Under 21 patrons. Note: Kansas City Barbecue is woefully unprepared for Comic-Con. After finally getting our food, head over to the Hyatt and find Tony Lee (who had given up on KCBBQ earlier and by this point had been up 40+ hours) who introduces me to the folks behind Praxis Comics, who were debuting their line at the show.

Thursday morning comes way too early. Colorists Sarah and Simon had arrived Wednesday night and tales of my snoring now are on an international level as Simon was throwing things to try to get me to stop. I loaded up at the free breakfast and was good to go as today was my 11am panel. The “Digital Webbing: Five Years Later” panel had a nice turn out as I was joined by Tony, Kody Chamberlain and Dan Wickline discussed how the anthology got started, how the Digital Webbing comic line and forums have launched a number of careers and what’s coming from the comic line in the near future. The free ENIGMAS promo books were gone by the time we got back to the booth and “Do you have the E-MAN book here” replaced “Is Ed here” as the most frequently asked question. The only thing that marred the morning was that the books that I shipped out the same day as the banner (you know, the one that was waiting at the hotel when I checked in) still had not arrived. Tony and I went to the “Engine Prayer Breakfast” unaware that it had been moved up to 11am. Instead we lunched at The Field and I got the text message that Chris Kirby’s flight had been delayed. After lunch, went to the hotel to check on the lost books to find they were waiting at the front desk. Got them to the booth and within 45 minutes had sold $50 worth of Bloodrayne. DJ Coffman of the DW boards stopped by. His was a last minute trip as he was a semi-finalist in the Platinum Studios/NBC contest. More on that later. Rest of the day was a blur…Kirby finally got in around 6pm and I went to the hotel to give him his badge. The DW dinner was a reservation for 18 originally. The final number was closer to 40. Another night at the Hyatt followed.
Waiting for an extra table to open up
Only a day and a half in, and people were looking as shell-shocked as they were after Saturday last year. To be honest, each day on the floor felt like two.


I’ll get into the San Diego report shortly, but I need to do this first.

Typical Dulaney luck. When my folks picked me up at the St Louis airport, dad told me he had some bad news that happened while I was gone and they didn’t want to tell me until I was back. At first, I thought my dog Lupe had died. After all she’s getting up in years and is starting to show her age. But that wasn’t the case…it wasn’t Lupe, but Rudy who had passed.

I’ve known Rudy Rudolph for as long as I can remember. I think he and dad got to be friends when dad was tending bar at the Carmi Elks. Rudy was the morning man at WROY and also one of the top sales guys. Aside from a stint in the military and Armed Forces Radio, he spent his whole career at the Carmi stations but he had the voice and talent that could’ve landed him a gig anywhere. Think Gary Owens’ pipes with the relaxed delivery of Kris Kristofferson. There was a reason other stations in the area went as far as offering him half stakes in the stations to try and lure him away. When I look back at the guys who influenced me to get into radio, Rudy is right there at the top.

Like I said, I’ve known him as long as I can remember. I remember being four years old and living on Staley Street when he and dad would go driving down to Kentucky to track down bars of Trilby Soap. (And thereby giving a name to one of our Siamese cats at the time.) Going to Disney movies at the Carmi Theatre with his daughter Rachel. The day he slipped an opossum in our basement after Mom snuck into his garage and put a caged turkey on the roof of his car. Going out on the Ohio River on his boat. After we moved out into the country, him planting an “illicit” plant in our garden between the eggplant and pepper plants. (Very healthy plants that year, btw.) Then there was after I started at the Carmi station. Doing overnights when Rudy would either be the first of the sales/office staff to come in or him coming in to wrap up extra production. Him calling into my show when I’m thinking there was no one out there. Becoming his back-up on recording the “News and Information Network” spots and “Hart’s Shoe Store” program. The biggest regret about leaving Carmi being that I wouldn’t be working with him anymore. Just missing him the Sunday before I left for San Diego as I was mowing and he was picking up his paper at the station next door.

Until the funeral yesterday, it just didn’t seem real. As it sinks in, I realize how much of a mentor he was to me even after I left Carmi. He was always there as I needed advice about changing jobs, about certain clients, so many things. Above all else, he taught me to be professional on air. That said…I’m so tempted to shut down the network long enough to play Deep Purple for him one last time.

Thanks Rudy. I’m going to miss you.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Screaming towards the abyss...

Business cards are done!

"Liberated" from the San Diego Union-Tribune, here's a few extra night time entertainment options.

Double Feature Screenings
For $10, which is about the price of one cineplex outing these days, SD Cinema is presenting a double feature at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park.

"Kill Bill: Vol. 1" and "Kill Bill: Vol. 2" 7 and 9:30 p.m. Friday, July 21See both of volumes of Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" back-to-back and try and try to figure out why he wanted to make it one movie.

"Clerks" and "Mallrats"7 and 9 p.m. Saturday, July 22, 2006Whet your appetite for the geeky, Jersey humor of Kevin Smith and the release of "Clerks II" with a double feautre of Smith's first two films.

My Life in Advertising: A Pulpcore Art Event
San Diego artist David Russell Talbott (Juxtapoz, Sleek Magazine, CityBeat) pays homage to pulp with his show "My Life In Advertising" at the Bluefoot Bar & Lounge (3404 30th Street). Talbott's art references '50s pulp magazine covers, with an emphasis on urban noir.

One Man Star Wars Trilogy
Charles Ross, a Canadian writer and performer, is the creator of this unusual one-man show. The original "Star Wars" trilogy on stage, by himself, in just under an hour (58 minutes, to be exact).
Spreckels Theater (121 Broadway)
July 19-23, 2006 (Wed-Sat 8 pm, Sun 2 and 8 pm)
Tickets: $12.75 - $37.75.

Goblin Cock
Innovative musician Rob Crow—key member of revered San Diego bands Pinback, Thingy, Heavy Vegetable and Optiganally Yours—is back with yet another bizarrely named musical project. Goblin Cock pairs sludgy, Sabbath-inspired power chords with references to obscure sci-fi and Snufalufagus. It's serious metal with tongue-in-cheek attitude. The band will open for Blue Cheer at The Casbah (2501 Kettner) 8:30p Fri, July 21 with tickets only $15.

Biz Markie
For those arriving Tuesday, the Clown Prince of Rap, whose late '80's song "Just a Friend" became a Top 10 pop hit, resurfaces with a free show at Martini Ranch (528 F. Street). DJs Haul, Rasta Root and Charlie Rock (Rock Steady Crew) also spin.

Flaming Lips
A cult favorite since forming in '83, The Lips will be playing a free (with race admission) show after the races on the 21st as part of the Del Mar Racetrack’s “Four O’Clock Fridays” Concert Series. Racing begins at 4pm, the concert starts at approximately 7:30pm.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Countdown to the great escape...

It's 8:02am as I begin to type this post. In one week at this time, I'll likely be starting to wake up in my hotel at San Diego. (Body clocks suck.)

The Posey County 4-H Fair is going on this week. Last year San Diego and the fair were the same week which made things interesting at the radio station. One drawback to the fair is that it's a rain magnet. It's been coming down steadily since the Queen contest ended Saturday night. On the positive side, the station's roof is holding. Last year, my Wednesday morning call into the station to check on things was greeted with "The bathroom ceiling gave way overnight. There's wet tile chunks all over the room." Hopefully this year will be crisis free.

Still working out how I'll get over to the St. Louis airport. I think my mom is trying to block out the thought of the trip since she's the most likely candidate to run me out there. (Hey, I know a 7am flight on a Tuesday sucks, but I was lucky to get it.) At this point, there's a good chance I'll be spending the night at Lambert. ugh.

Is it the 25th yet?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Oh dear god...I'm not ready.

Can we slow the Earth down a know, maybe allow an extra day or two in between now and the 18th?


I was afraid of that.

Short version...pimping my little heart out with a handful of projects. Moderating two panels. Praying the con exclusive book gets done in time.

Still need to get the damn business cards.


(God, I love con season.)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Those Ol' Convention Blues Got Me Momma...

Spent part of Tuesday on the phone with CCI trying to figure out where the "Digital Webbing" booth will be placed since our first choice was unavailable. I think it'll work out and will wind up saving us a little cash as well.

Also emailed back and forth with Joel (colors on the Dreah story in DWP 26 and now doing stuff for Jim Valentino's SHADOWLINE imprint at Image). Joel's been cool seeing as how my not getting to Mid-Ohio back in November has prevented me from getting him the copies I owe him. He's working on colors for the Miss Vicky pitch in his breaks on the Image book.

Of course he's not the only one I owe books too. Sarge is needing books for an event and since I didn't get my books at the show, I haven't been able to get him copies yet. It's enough to pull my hair out as I think about it. Hopefully some of the guys who split up my copies will be kind enough to ship him a few. (Even though I wasn't able to help at the booth I paid part of. HINT HINT)

To be honest, I'm on the fence about MOC 2006. I've loved going the last few years as it was held at the Hilton by Easton Plaza. This year however it's getting moved to a downtown convention center in Columbus and, as a result, Roger is having to hike the booth/table fees. (Oddly enough, Artist Alley tables will still be cheaper than at a Wizard show.) I'm sure it'll be a solid show, MOC always is, but the move is going to change the atmosphere. I may not decide for sure until after Chicago. We'll see.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Just a few images

Just wanted to toss a few things onto the blog so there would be available down the road as I need to promote things. On your left is the "Marvel Icon" of DREAH Sarge drew up for the cover of DWP #22. I later used it for the DREAH T-shirt (available at

And just so we aren't just recycling...up top is a little something I thought might never start rolling again after things stalled in 2002. However, a certain artist I've been wanting to work with forever dug the rewrite enough, we're going to shop it around. I'll let you guess the artist...but the story is the start of my "thirtysomething with capes" project. Meet NIGHTBIRD.


As we inch closer to the event, I thought I’d toss a couple of extra items for those who might be traveling with “civilians” who aren’t into the total immersion comic-con experience. The first item is also a nice option for those skipping Saturday’s insanity.

San Diego Museum of Art will be kicking off an exhibit of the work of Andy Warhol the week of the convention. 125 memorable screen prints by the pioneering Pop artist from the extensive Andy Warhol collection of the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation. From the 1967 Marilyn Monroe print suite to the 1986 Cowboys and Indians portfolio, the exhibition offers a broad and thorough overview of Warhol's printmaking career, as well as a rare opportunity to see a large group of complete print portfolios by Warhol. Looks like a price range of $4 to $10.

MOVIES BEFORE THE MAST: Presented by the San Diego Maritime Museum in the evening on summer weekends. Enjoy a beautiful sunset followed by a feature film. The film series is unique to San Diego; it presents nautical themed films that are shown outdoors on the deck of the tallship, 'Star of India'. The movies are projected onto one of the sails of the tall ship and include a nautical cartoon. Friday night of the con they will be showing K-19: The Widowmaker and Saturday night will feature Mister Roberts with Henry Fonda and Jack Lemmon. Adult tickets are $13.

Another thing that occurred to me that I did not remember having in the previous posts that would be very helpful for first timers…90% of San Diego maps are misleading. Especially the ones for Downtown San Diego. I remember seeing the maps last year and thinking the distances were ungodly…and then walked out on the balcony of the Radisson to see hangers from the airport I had flown into not an hour before. San Diego city blocks (with the exception of the blocks that are home to city and county government offices and courts) are more “small town” sized than “major city.” I’d have to assume it’s due to the city starting as a smaller port and military town. It may be a major metropolitan city now, but back in Wyatt Earp’s day it wasn’t that far removed from being a Spanish settlement. That being said, when you pick up a map at the visitor’s desk at the airport, don’t freak out when you see where Little Italy is in relation to the Convention Center or Seaport Village in relation to the baseball stadium. In reality, you're a short (5 to 15 minute) walk to any location downtown from the convention center and if you're too tired to walk, take the shuttle or the trolley.